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With an increasingly health-conscious consumer and the growing desire to self-serve, the billion dollar frozen yogurt market in the United States is expected to continue thriving for many years to come, with chill® yogurt café positioned to become a major player in the industry.

chill’s® commitment to consistently provide an exceptional product, extraordinary service and a unique, happy environment for each and every customer is second to none. The entire chill® team operates by the E-6 standard: engage and entertain every customer every time for an exceptional customer experience.

At chill®, good business is defined first and foremost by an exceptional customer experience. Customers are entitled to respect, courtesy, and helpfulness delivered with exceptional attitudes resulting in a warm, family atmosphere that sets chill® apart from the competition.

With a combination of great products, genuine customer appreciation and a cheerful atmosphere, a chill® yogurt café becomes more than another retail venue, it becomes an invaluable asset for the community.

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Chill cupcakes

chill cupcakes

Combining the timeless taste of cupcakes with a delicate balance of chill® frozen yogurt, we’ve added a new fun favorite to the healthy options offered at chill®. Yummy yocakes are perfect for any occasion.


Chill Soft Serve Machines

chill soft serve machines

Custom Chill Soft Serve machines for yogurt, ice cream and sorbet. Designed specifically to deliver a cost effective delicious product unavailable until now in the United States.



Chill Yogurt Cafe

chill yogurt cafe

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