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With quality of life, personal health, personal choice and economical entertainment on the minds of all Americans, the market for retail self service meals and desserts is growing rapidly. Since the first chill® yogurt cafe opened its' doors in 2010, it has been a great success and more cafes are soon to be opened.

Serving only the best frozen yogurt, custards, sorbets and now introducing chill® yocakes™, combined with a vibrant, fun atmosphere, chill® is quickly making it's way into the hearts and tastebuds of all Americans alike.

  ...yogurt your way.

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yocakes™ now here!

Now introducing the latest popular addition to our lineup, chill® yocakes™, yogurt a new way. Combining the timeless taste of cupcakes with a delicate balance of chill® frozen yogurt, chill® yocakes™ are a new favorite among many chillers!

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custom chill® machines soon!

The new chill® soft serve frozen yogurt machine, our custom designed store machine solution, a cost effective alternative to the frozen yogurt machines available in the USA for years...

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chill® shop for franchisee's

Now chill® franchisee's can enjoy browsing through company artwork. Signs, machine labels, wall graphics, menus and more now available in one easy-to-use online shop.

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