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chill® yogurt cafe is quickly becoming a favorite among those who enjoy healthy treats, fun atmospheres and choices. Once you step through the doors of a chill® yogurt cafe, it's an unforgettable experience with the attractive decor, state-of-the-art food vending equipment and the wide variety of fresh toppings and yogurt flavors. All of our yogurt, custard and sorbet flavors are made with the finest ingredients from the best creameries. Most are rich in calcium, low in cholesterol and have no trans-fat. Many flavors have no cholesterol, zero calories from fat and less than .5 grams total fat, making chill® a great choice for any who are conscious about their health.

our products

We know of no yogurt, sorbet and custard competitor that offers higher quality products that are more expensive to create and produce, and that have a better selection of unique and satisfying tastes than a chill® yogurt café. We use no dry, powdered yogurt concentrate mixed with water. Our yogurt is dairy-fresh milk and contains live and active cultures.

our brand and system

We believe that after you research all your franchisee options, you will conclude that the chill® Brand and System is a world-class business operation that will compete well for customers against any competition and offers your best opportunity for a lower cost of entry into the business and for maximizing your return on invested capital. We welcome the comparison with other competitor chains. Don’t take our word for it, we encourage you to compare options on your own.

operating a chill yogurt café

Regardless of your lifestyle goals, chill has a plan for the owner-operator or the absentee owner to achieve those goals through a chill® yogurt café. We have operational and marketing plans that will help insure that our customers keep chill® as their best choice for a first-class dessert experience.

business model

The chill® operational and marketing systems provide you with the following:

  • franchise support
  • retail industry experience and knowledge
  • a powerful brand
  • a powerful in-store experience
  • lower cost of entry into the business
  • lower cost of buying
  • lower cost of operations
  • real estate assistance
  • systems training and operational aid

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Chill cupcakes

chill cupcakes

Combining the timeless taste of cupcakes with a delicate balance of chill® frozen yogurt, we’ve added a new fun favorite to the healthy options offered at chill®. Yummy yocakes are perfect for any occasion.


Chill Soft Serve Machines

chill soft serve machines

Custom Chill Soft Serve machines for yogurt, ice cream and sorbet. Designed specifically to deliver a cost effective delicious product unavailable until now in the United States.



Chill Yogurt Cafe

chill yogurt cafe

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