franchising process

The 100 day plan:

Receive Franchise Application

Meet with Franchisee Coordinators

Complete Application

Approval Meeting with Coordinators

Review Agreement over 14 days or More

Sign Franchise Agreement

Pay Franchise Fee

Begin Café Development and Site Leasing

Final Training and Café Construction

Open Your New Café!


Chill cupcakes

chill cupcakes

Combining the timeless taste of cupcakes with a delicate balance of chill® frozen yogurt, we’ve added a new fun favorite to the healthy options offered at chill®. Yummy yocakes are perfect for any occasion.


Chill Soft Serve Machines

chill soft serve machines

Custom Chill Soft Serve machines for yogurt, ice cream and sorbet. Designed specifically to deliver a cost effective delicious product unavailable until now in the United States.



Chill Yogurt Cafe

chill yogurt cafe

Visit the official website of Chill Yogurt Cafe